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“A growing body of research,” writes Chrystia Freeland of Reuters, “is demonstrating something schoolteachers and entertainers have known for a long time: Most of us respond better to personal stories than to impersonal numbers and ideas.”

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Why, then, haven't business presenters caught on?   Why are so many business presentations tiresome, seemingly endless, or just downright awful? 

The fact is, turning a presentation into a story - and the presenter into a storyteller - requires some work that goes beyond the mere creation of a PowerPoint.  It is not about moving to the next slide.  It is about moving your audience. 

Dunlop Media's approach to presentations is decidedly un-trendy.  We draw on both classic narrative structure going back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, and the tried and true storytelling techniques of network television.  While most trainers concentrate on the externals, we focus on where it all begins: finding the storyline.  

Presentation training includes plenary workshops and one-on-one help for your presenters.  It can be delivered online or in person, and you can achieve cost savings for your entire organization through our retainer program.