Lisa Duchin has been Dunlop Media's managing partner for more than a decade. She brings to the company a broad understanding of the news industry, the ability to manage multiple projects and schedules simultaneously, a quick and creative eye, and a love for the deadline. 


Duchin was an early adopter of the Avid® non-linear editing system, having been trained in its use in the 1990's, long before it became the gold standard of the editing industry. 

 After news editing engagements at CBS Newspath, NY1 and WPIX-TV, Duchin joined NBC News, where she was an editor for Today and Sunrise, and edited news, sports and feature stories for the New York flagship, WNBC-TV. She later moved to CBS News Productions, where she edited segments for P.S., a prime-time news magazine hosted by Paula Zahn. 

After joining Dunlop Media, Duchin remained on call for MSNBC as a freelance editor for specials, "Headliners and Legends," and other programs. 

A Bachelor of Arts graduate of Temple University, Duchin started her career in 1989 at Sound One, in New York's world famous Brill Building, as assistant production manager of the facility. She handled clients such as Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee and Bill Murray, among others.

She took a hiatus to attend New York University, where she acquired advanced certification in film. She held down two jobs in Tribeca and Chinatown while attending school in the evening. 

Upon leaving NYU, Duchin apprenticed for well-known film editor Barry Alexander Brown. She went on to produce four short films of her own, and her work was recognized by MTV, HBO, and the American Cancer Society. 

Duchin has also worked at HBO Downtown, where she supervised online edits for Comedy Central's Short Attention Span Theater. 

She continues to work on various television projects while managing Dunlop Media.