Steve Dunlop reporting for  NBC New York , 1994.

Steve Dunlop reporting for NBC New York, 1994.


A new feature of the Press Center, the Dunlop Media Archives features highlights of the work of Steve Dunlop from his many years in US television news. Dunlop served as a street reporter, anchor, and assignment editor, both in New York and at the network level. He began his professional career in radio news at the age of 18, while a sophomore in college.

Access the Archives here, hosted by YouTube. They will open in a separate window.

The Archives are a work in progress, but we expect eventually to host selected TV news stories by Dunlop from the 1980’s through the 2000’s. A separate section is planned for Dunlop’s radio work.

The Archives respects all relevant copyrights and is for educational and historical purposes only.