Annual retainers with Dunlop Media are a convenient way to minimize paperwork and budget confusion in payment for our services. Retainers are payable by business check, wire transfer, or credit card, and may be paid monthly or in an annual lump sum. Trainings and consultations with Dunlop Media are then applied against the annual retainer, with overages (if any) billed separately.

The benefits of becoming a retainer based client include:

  • Priority booking over pay-as-you-go clients

  • Predictable billing

  • Regular statements showing your retainer balance

  • Protection against price increases during the retainer year

Dunlop Media retainers are non-refundable. Enrollment is by approval only and is subject to a written agreement.  To apply,  just fill out the form below.  Upon acceptance, we will send you instructions on initiating our work with you under the retainer program.

Dunlop Media is absolutely committed to protecting your privacy.  We will not share your personal information without your express consent.