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PROPRIETARY INFORMATION.  It is expressly acknowledged and agreed that Dunlop Media,Inc.'s materials and the results and proceeds of Dunlop Media,Inc.'s services, including without limitation all information, methodologies including but not limited to the PATH™ and SPAR® training methodologies, techniques, tools, guidelines, documents, charts, texts, and all other intellectual property that Dunlop Media,Inc. has developed and presents and/or furnishes in the course of rendition of services pursuant to this Agreement, including consultation, coaching, teaching and training, shall remain strictly confidential and are and shall remain proprietary to and the sole and exclusive property of Dunlop Media,Inc., for its unfettered use and disposition; and may not be relayed, published, recorded, filmed, taped, or otherwise copied, electronically stored, transmitted or adapted in any form for any purpose whatsoever without Dunlop Media,Inc.'s express prior written consent in each instance.  Dunlop Media,Inc., at its sole discretion, may require each person receiving any of its materials and/or who participates in Dunlop Media,Inc.'s presentations to sign the Nondisclosure Agreement provided in the Registration section of this web site.
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