Available in person or online

As more instructors bring their knowledge online through a MOOC, or a Massive Open Online Course, it is increasingly clear that years of experience in a lecture hall do not always translate well to the small screen.  

Institutions of higher learning are committing massive resources to this new field.  But if their best and brightest do not know how to present online effectively, they put their entire investment - and reputation - at risk.

Dunlop Media’s Online Lecture Training program is designed to address this void in cyber-learning.  Your instructors are experts on camera.  They all have long careers in network television, where imparting quality content in a visual medium is part of the job description.  And unlike most coaches in this field, they are active or former professors at leading colleges and universities. 

Instruction is usually in person, but can also be done online.  Class size is scalable.  Follow-up sessions are available via phone or Skype™.