A dynamic and widely sought after lecturer on news industry trends, Doug Spero is a Professor of Mass Communications at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina.  He has worked with fellow professors from Duke University and other institutions across the South to improve their on-camera skills.   At Meredith, Spero’s course offerings include Communication Law and Ethics,  Broadcast News, and  Public Speaking. 

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A New York radio and television news veteran, Spero combines a 30-year career as an investigative reporter with hands-on experience as a television news director and bureau chief.    His professional history includes reporting, editing, producing and investigative assignments at NBC TV and Radio, WCBS-TV and WCBS NewsRadio, all in New York.  Chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists have long called on Spero to offer critiques and guidance to young reporters. 

Spero's background includes an engagement at Norman Hecht Associates, one of the country's top TV research firms, where he advised stations on story selection and talent hiring.   Combined with his lengthy career as a New York broadcast journalist, Spero brings to the table an insider’s perspective on how stories evolve from conception to completion. 

In addition to his activities with Meredith and Dunlop Media, Spero is a director of Triangle Media Consulting in Raleigh, North Carolina, a Dunlop Media strategic partner since 2002.   He has also served as Vice President of the regional Associated Press Broadcast Board.