In the age of Facebook and Twitter, rumors and misinformation acquire a dark new power.  The false or misleading story that used to find itself spiked with one well-placed phone call can now attain a life of its own.  And traditional media, both print and broadcast, can act as multipliers, repeating and forwarding the story. 

What makes some events newsworthy and others not?  Why do seemingly routine occurrences merit extensive mention in traditional and social media again and again?  Why do some companies survive a media crisis that destroys others?   And how do you avoid becoming one of the casualties? 

The AMAP/All-Media Awareness Program at Dunlop Media not only provides answers to some of the common questions listed above, it’s also a “full-immersion” course in traditional and social media literacy - and how to react when you find yourself in the spotlight. 

The program is scalable in size and scope, and is customized to address the needs of practically any industry or service organization.