ANATOMY OF A MEDIA DISASTER: How 24 minutes of interviews "destroyed" the BBC's Director General

LONDON:  Just because you're IN television and radio doesn't mean you know how to behave ON television and radio.  That point was driven home recently by none other than the leader of the world's most venerable broadcasting institution. 

In a botched documentary, the British Broadcasting Corporation mistakenly linked a member of the House of Lords to a sex abuse scandal at a child care center in Wales.  The BBC's Director General attempted to explain the mixup in two media grillings (one of which, on Radio 4, can be heard below) - but he came across so poorly that he had to resign in a matter of hours.     

How can this happen to leaders of an organization for whom lights, cameras, and microphones are tools of the trade?   The fact is, without the right kind of preparation, it can happen to anyone.  Courtesy The Daily Mail.