Given how long storytelling has been in our collective DNA, it is remarkable how tepidly the corporate and non-profit worlds have embraced it.  Instead, organizations have been in the thrall of “messaging,” which actually emerged from the world of advertising. 

By their nature, however, messages reside within stories.  It is where they belong.  A growing body of evidence demonstrates that when messages are removed from narratives and are forced to stand on their own, they lose resonance with the listener.  

Dunlop Media’s workshops in what is often called “positioning” or “message development” do not lose sight of this fundamental truth.   Stories need not be long - quite the contrary.  The essence of any well-built narrative can be conveyed in less than a minute.   

While this type of session usually precedes print or broadcast media training, speaking to media need not be the primary objective.  Our proprietary methodology forces team leaders with divergent, competing or conflicting points of view to confront holes in their thinking and speak with one voice on a critical issue.  This often has broader purposes than a media opportunity. 

Narrative-message development workshops can be part of a larger training, or serve as a stand-alone brainstorming session for your leadership.